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Horsey Tips

Is your horse/pony hard to catch out in the pasture?

TRY THIS: Bring your horse in an hour or two before you are going to ride him, and give him a special treat of grain, carrots,  or apples.  Then leave him alone in his stall for an hour or so with some hay on which to munch.  You will need to be consistent, and do it several  times before you notice that he becomes much easier to catch.

WHY: Most horses become hard to catch because they associate being caught with work.  This way he will associate being brought in with a special treat and relaxation time.  Don't give up... It works.

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Picture Gallery

Any interesting pictures you've taken, or drawn?  By any person, any age.

Once a month we'll choose one of the send-ins to post on the website.

Jerry, aged 10

Kingston, Ontario

(Computer drawn)


a letter/word game that is a SUDOKU knock-off. Using the nine letters that spell HORSE CRAZY, fill in the spaces. Each letter can be used only once in each vertical column, horizontal row, or  within each small red box of nine spaces. Make a print out and HAVE FUN!!!


Horse Stuff to Learn

How many parts of the horse can you name?  Make a print out and have FUN!!!       Click the SOLUTION button below to check yourself.


How to make a print out:   ( If a youngster, check with parents first.)

 RIGHT click on the picture. Click on View Image. Print as usual.