Summer Riding Day  Programs


Children, Teens, and Adults

Items required: stretch pants, rubber boots with a heel, socks, shorts, insect repellent, sun block.

Items supplied: safety helmets, drinks, lunches (full day program only)

Children's Novice Day Program:

Children between the ages of 6 to 8 are often quite ready to start learning the basics of riding and pony care.  A half day program is best suited to youngsters of this age group. This program is designed for children with little or no experience. These youngsters will be introduced to being on and around a calm, steady pony; there is constant one to one supervision when in contact with the pony, be it mounted, or working in the barn.

The program may entail:

  • learning how to approach/handle a pony safely
  • learning basic safety in being in close proximity to ponies
  • learning with help to groom a pony before riding
  • learning with help to tack up
  • learning to care for pony and tack after riding
  • learning to feel safe and comfortable on a pony
  • learning some basic riding skills on line
  • starting to ride independently, when ready
  • learning to care for the pony's stall and environment
  • helping to feed and water


All parts of the program are conducted in an informal setting, and tailored to suit each rider of any age .  The aim is for safety, enjoyment, and the learning of good riding and horse management skills in a supervised, stress-free environment. 

Children's/Teens' Summer Day Program:

Children 9 and over, and teens enjoy a full day program.  Supervision is always at hand.  Each rider is taught at his/her own level, and not pushed to keep up in a competitive program. Hot lunches are provided, as well as drinks for the day.


 The programs entail:

  • all parts of the novice program are either introduced for the older novice, or continued from, as a starting point, depending upon the experience of the rider
  •  a more thorough understanding of the care, feeding, and performance of daily routines pertaining to the care of the horse assigned for the week.
  • small groups (4 max.) so that no one gets  "lost in the shuffle" as can easily happen in large group situations
  • every Friday afternoon there being an Exhibition Ride open to family and friends to whom  much of what has been learned may be demonstrated
  • refreshments and certificates handed out after the Exhibition Ride; family and friends are welcome






 More experienced riders may help compose and ride in a formal Exhibition Ride to demonstrate their abilities in precision riding (prelim. dressage), jumping, cavaletti courses,  obstacle courses, and/or quadrille riding. 

Adult Summer Day Programs are similar to the Teens', except being focused on  adult interests and abilities.  Adult programs are run separately from the children's or teens'.

Summer Day Program Prices:

Full Days: $250.00 (5 full days with 2 hours/day riding; drinks and hot lunches included)

Half Days: $150.00 (5 half days with 1 hour/day riding; drinks included)