N.B.   IMPORTANT NOTICE:         Due to the recent COVID-19 global  outbreak, Mar-a-thon wishes to ensure the peace of mind and well being of all summer program participants and staff by requiring any participant (including any member of his/her immediate family) who has traveled outside of Canada from January 1st, 2020 to the present, to contact Mar-a-thon  before filling out a registration form.  Contact information may be found on the "Contact" page of this website. We apologize for any inconvenience this may present, but thank you for your co-operation.  Hoping to meet new participants, as well as connecting again with our    "Old Timers", Mary L.


Summer Day Program Prices:

Full Days: $250.00 (5 full days with 2 hours/day riding; drinks and hot lunches included)

Half Days: $150.00 (5 half days with 1 hour/day riding; drinks included)


Mar-a-thon Stable

Summer Program Registration Form 2020

Please PRINT

Rider's Name:_____________________________________________________________       Age:________

Address:______________________________________________________________________________     City:_______________________    Prov. _____________

Postal Code:_______________                                        Pre- morning Ride Contact Number:_____________________________________________

Home Phone:______________________________________   Work/Cell Phone:__________________________________


Pertinent Health Information (Confidential):____________________________________________________________________________________________________



Emergency Contact Name  & Number: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Health Card # (Confidential): ________________________________________________________


LIABILITY RELEASE for horseback riding and any other activity in which engaged at Mar-a-thon Stable, or while under the supervision of Mar-a-thon personnel for the calendar year of 2020 for the above participant:

I understand the inherent risks involved in being in close proximity to horses, and do not hold any member of the staff, management or ownership of Mar-a-thon responsible in any manner for injury, fatality, or loss of or damage to property.  I understand that all participants, and their family and friends, enter the property at their own risk.

By signing below, the undersigned has also agreed to inform Mar-a-thon of any travel having taken place  outside of Canada from January 1st, 2020 to the present by the participant or any member of his/her immediate family.

Signature (Rider, Parent/Guardian if under 18 years):____________________________________________________  Date:_______________________________

Photography: Photographs may be taken of participants during the course of the program.  With consent, these may be used for advertising purposes in print or on the Mar-a-thon website.  These pictures may also be made available to the participant's family.  Participants pictured will not be identified;  Mar-a-thon will not sell, distribute, or use these pictures for any other purpose than that indicated.

_____ I consent to pictures being taken and used as described.                               _____ I do NOT consent to pictures being taken and used as described.

Signature (Rider, Parent/Guardian if under 18 years):____________________________________________________  Date:_______________________________


Session Weeks  -  Please indicate FIRST and SECOND choice.

Full Days: 9:00 am - 3:30 pm                                      Half Day Mornings: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm                         OR                       Half Day Afternoons 1:00 pm - 4:00pm
_____ Session 1: Monday, June 29th  - Friday, July 3rd ( inclusive)
_____ Session 2: Monday, July 6th - Friday, July 10th
_____ Session 3: Monday, July 13th - Friday, July 17th
_____ Session 4: Monday, July 20th - Friday, July 24th
_____ Session 5: Monday, July 27th - Friday, July 31st
_____ Session 6: Monday, August 3rd - Friday, August7th
_____ Session 7: Monday, August 10th - Friday, August 14th 
_____ Session 8: Monday, August 17th - Friday, August 21st
_____ Session 9: Monday, August 24th - Friday, August 28th
_____ Session 10: Monday August 31st - Friday, September 4th

Please,  indicate Type of Program:             _____ Full Day                               _____Half Day Mornings                           _____Half Day Afternoons

Payment Options        (Please indicate  payment option preference.)

Full Day - $250.00 (5 full days with lunches & drinks included)                             Half Day - $150.00 (5 half days with drinks included)
10% DISCOUNT for bookings secured with a $50.00 non-refundable deposit by May 15th/20

_____  Cash (due start of program)
_____  Cheque (due start of program)   Cheques made out to MARY LEVERSEDGE.
_____  Internet money transfer ( details to be provided; due the Friday before the start of the program)

Session bookings are secured with the receipt of a $50.00 (per rider) non-refundable deposit.

Riding Experience: if a new student, please indicate which BEST describes the rider's experience level.

_____ Novice child ( 6-8 yrs) - little/no experience          _____ Novice child ( 6-8 yrs) - 1-2 yrs of riding           _____ Novice child ( 9+ yrs) - little/no experience
_____ Child ( 9+ yrs) - 1-2 yrs of riding                                  _____ Child ( 9+ yrs) - 2+ yrs of riding                            _____ Novice teen - little/no experience
_____ Teen - with 1-2 yrs of riding                                         _____ Teen - with 2+ yrs of riding                                   _____ Novice adult - little/no experience
_____ Adult - with 1-2 yrs of riding                                        _____ Adult - with 2+ yrs of riding

Definition:  1 year of riding means at least 6 months of regular, weekly riding with instruction/knowledgeable supervision.
Please  print out, and return as soon as possible (by mail, email or FAX) to enable us to accommodate your session preferences, especially for July bookings.
FAX number: 613-476-7039

                                                                Email: marathonstable@kos.net